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Safari Childcare is an established  day nursery & pre-school offering full day care as well as sessional care for children aged 3 months to 5 years. Safari Childcare provides high quality care and excellent early years education in a safe secure environment for all children offering ‘a home from home’ experience. We pride ourselves on offering parents affordable, flexible childcare whilst ensuring that children more importantly have access to a high quality, stimulating environment supported by highly qualified staff.


Here at Safari Childcare it is our responsibility to provide the building blocks for your child so they can flourish into unique individuals and reach their full potential. Safari Childcare provides children with the opportunities to explore, learn and most importantly grow into well rounded children.

Safari Childcare understands the worries and anxieties parents may feel when saying good bye to their children and are keen to help support parents needs as well as their child’s making the nursery day a smooth, enjoyable process with minimal worries. With this in mind, Safari Childcare is proud to offer our parents the service of iWatch.


iWatch enables parents of the setting to securely watch your child through live images of CCTV and enable parents to join in with their child’s day and of course seeing all the mischief they get up to whilst here! With a unique login and password parents will be able to login and view your child playing on the times and days they attend the setting. Please click on the iWatch icon on our home page to direct you to the iWatch login page.

About Us

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Thank you for looking after Nina and making her time here so enjoyable.

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Safari childcare recognises that settling a child of any age into a childcare setting can be a sensitive and delicate time for both child and parent. Our highly qualified and trained staff understand the support and re-assurance children and parents need to help them settle into childcare. When your child joins Safari Childcare your child will be allocated a named key person. Your child’s key person will help your child settle into their new environment and will also speak with you before your child begins their journey with us, ensuring they have vital information which will help ensure a smooth transition to make sure that your child settles in well.


Your child’s key person will ensure a strong relationship is built between them and your child as well as being there to help support parents. Your child’s key person will be parents main point of contact, whilst ensuring parents are kept well informed of your child’s development and learning here at Safari Childcare.

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Safari Childcare's Vision...

Deliver outstanding childcare, creating well rounded, joyful, resilient children who will flourish in life, whilst providing peace of mind for parents.

Safari Childcare’s mission is to ensure all children have the opportunity to access to high quality childcare.

We offer children the opportunity to play in an exciting, inspiring environment, providing children with plentiful resources to explore learn and grow in a home from home atmosphere.

We are devoted to delivering a high-quality service where parents and children are valued, and their voices heard. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding care and early education whilst raising standards and challenging the expectations of quality childcare.

We understand that choosing a childcare provider is a monumental decision for parents.

Safari Childcare therefore provides contentment to parents through secure, innovate CCTV technology that allows you to view live stream images of your child playing happily providing peace of mind.  

Our highly qualified and experienced practitioners offer the best possible care and learning opportunities for your child through a range of exciting and inspiring activities.

We are passionate about delivering high quality outstanding early education to give children the best possible start in life.

Safari Childcare's Mission Statement...