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Healthy Choices

We have carefully devised a four week menu that rotates in order to ensure your child will not be given the same meal twice within the period, all meals are freshly prepared within the premises and all diets are catered for. There will usually be an alternative to the main meal for the fussier eaters as we know the importance of enjoying meal times rather than not looking forward to them.


Staff that prepare and handle food have all undertaken a food hygiene course and children are highly encouraged to maintain a standard of hygiene when preparing for mealtimes by hand washing and ensuring surfaces are clean and covered.


Snacks are provided in a sharing tray so the children can choose what they would and would not like to eat and although we encourage the children to try new foods there is no pressure to do so and as the snacks we offer are all healthy ensuring the children get goodness from whatever they decide to eat.


See below for  a sample of one of our tasty menus:

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Yuaan has really flourished and enjoyed his time with your lovely team.

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A selection of fresh fruit

Ham and mushroom creamy pasta bake

Chicken and broccoli hot pot

Steak and onion pie with mash potato and cabbage

Tuna, sweetcorn and mayonnaise with jacket potato

Vegetable risotto

Blueberry muffins

Fruit and yoghurt

Peaches and cream

Blackberry mousse

Fruit jelly

Beans on toast with orange and melon slices

Ham and cheese sandwiches with grapes and kiwi

Fruit loaf with pineapple and banana

Cheesy quiche with orange and strawberries

Bagels topped with cream cheese and cucumber with mixed fruit

A selection of fresh fruit

A selection of fresh fruit

A selection of fresh fruit

A selection of fresh fruit

fruit bowl fruit bowl fruit bowl fruit bowl fruit bowl