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Safari Childcare's flagship setting on Halstead Road, Colchester CO3 9AD offers full day care for children from 3 months to five years. We are open 51 weeks of the year from 7am-6.30pm.


Safari Childcare's newest setting on Clairmont Road, Colchester CO3 9AD offers term time care between the hours of 9am-3.30pm for children ages 2 and a half to fives years.

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Safari Childcare has two wonderful settings to offer flexible sessions for you and your little one.

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Many thanks for all the hard work you have put into teaching Joshua and Rhys and looking after them.


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Safari Childcare Halstead Road

Safari Childcare Clairmont Road

Safari Childcare's newest setting was opened in September 2019 after being successful over other local providers to provide childcare from the former Essex families and wellbeing centre. After a rigerous application Safari Childcare were delighted when they were chosen to provide early edcuation and childcare for more children in our local community.


Safari Childcare on Clairmont Road is open term time from 9am-3.30pm. Our little ones can explore the enviroment in one large, spacious, bright area overlooking the local playing fields. Our children can expect the same excellent early edcuation and care as our Halstead Road setting and have the opportunity to explore learn and grow with thier friends. We again ensure that our little ones are prepared and equipped for the next chapther in thier early education and prepare them for primary school.




We accept both the 15 and 30 government funded hours at both settings.


Our flagship setting on Halstead Road has been providing excellent care and education since May 2015.  We offer early education and childcare for children from three months to five years. Our little explorers learn and grow with us transition through comfortable, bright, exciting rooms during thier adventure with us. Our youngest explorers join us in either our Cub or Tiger room (children from 3 months to two years) and they can expect to receive the love and care from the home enviroment. Our early years educators will provide them with learning opportunites which will set the foundations for thier early learning and development. The early years in a child's life are critical for setting the foudations for learning and development and our Cub and Tiger rooms are perfect for your little ones to thrive in a safe, enabling and safe environment.


Once your little ones turns the wonderful age of two they are ready to continue thier adventure to our Chimp room, (children from 2 years to three years.) Children in our Chimps room can continue to feel the love and warmth of the home from home environment yet they are presented with opportunites to enable thier own little chatacters to develop and grow. Our little ones learn about sharing and empathy for others as well as continuing to develop early mathmatics and early literacy skills based on the foundations set in our Cub and Tiger rooms.


Our little explorers on turning three can explore our preschool room. Our preschool room enables children to continue to build on the skills and knowledge gained in our Chimp room and we encourage children to explore and question life around them. Our little ones are able to develop thier confidence and independance with skilled input from our early years educators who guide the children to wonder and experience the awe and excitment of experiments, games and social situations. We prepare our little ones for the next chapter in life ensuring they leave us for school with the skills, knowledge and excitment needed for starting primary school.